A product profile of the special boiler LSHC type wine brewing

    LHSC series wine is my company's latest development of special boiler energy conservation and environmental protection products. The boiler burning for anti type smoke prevention and dust control type structure. Compared with similar products, the company's products on the grate choose large horizontal pipe for grate tube, fire tube side the phi 76 mm seamless tube around a stove or furnace, thus good avoid horizontal pipe scale and plugging, increasing the boiler heat transfer area, improves the thermal efficiency of boiler, prolong the service life of the boiler. Boiler combustion can adopt the chimney of natural ventilation and induced draft fan mechanical wind two forms. The boiler has high thermal efficiency, the steam production, saving 20 ~ 30% compared with similar products of fuel, the product also has the very good function of smoke prevention and dust control at the same time. After the marketby the general customers the consistent high praise.


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