LHG delta - 0.05 - BMF

(all fire tube) soda dual-use boiler product profile of the king (energy saving)

    LHG delta - 0.05 - BMF vertical soda dual-use boiler is my company's latest on energy conservation and environmental protection products. Offering the product by the number of pipe connection, pipe external and the upper furnace body for all water space, so that the furnace in the cold water and high temperature flue gas heat, solved the defects of conventional boiler is easy to produce scale, greatly increase the service life of the boiler and improves the thermal efficiency of boiler. Relative to the conventional LSG more horizontal pipe to the soda dual-use boiler tube products, save fuel and 40 ~ 50%. At the same time under the boiler configuration on the blower, into the wind furnace fuel has two full combustion, thus to eliminate black boiler flue gas. Boiler running a minute later, almost invisible to the naked eye phenomenon of boiler chimney smoke, soot emissions below the level of salinger. The boiler product is soy products processing, small breweries, small food factory and schools and other industries use coercion steam for cooking and heating and heating are the ideal product.


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